Chatter Guru

Character counts, special characters and personalization

Each of your customer’s cellular networks will implement their own character limit per message. We will keep you updated on what those limits are per network, here:

  • Claro Network - Character message count below 153 characters = 1 message.

  • Claro Network - One image + One message under 153 characters = 1 Message.

  • Other Networks - Character message count below  160 characters = 1 Message.

  • Other Networks - One image + One message under 160 characters = 1 Message.

  • Some special characters and emojis will count for more than 1 character in a text message, which can affect character count (and therefore size) in messages.

    • 😁-😂-😃-😄-😉-😊-😍-😘-😲-😷 = 2 characters

    • 👈-👉-👆-👇-👌-👍-👊-👋-👏-👐 = 2 characters

    • ☝-✌-✋-✊ = 1 character

    • 👣-👀-👂-👃-🍎 = 2 characters

  • To avoid going over the character limit on your messages, we suggest to include additional information you wish to share in an image (free tool

  • If you are on a device with an emoji keyboard (either natively or via an emoji app) you can use those emojis in your text. You can also copy/paste an emoji from the internet. 

  • Personalize your message by adding the “contact name” or their “order number” by entering either [fname] and/or [orderId] in the body of your text

Inbound and Outbound Message Types


  • You are able to receive incoming messages if you’d like. This is a feature that has to be enabled by your account manager. Ask us about it for more details.

  • Message Draft: In case you’d like to save a template or you could not finish your text you can save it and continue later. A great option for repetitive templates.

  • Special Date Message: You can schedule a personal message to go out on each contact’s “special date” (i.e., birthday or anniversary - visible/editable on the contact’s record).

  • Order Status Notification: Communicate with your customer throughout their order life-cycle. This is a great opportunity to convert each status to a new marketing, sales, or loyalty touch point. Take the opportunity to personalize the message template as well!

  • Order Reminder: Send a message indicating the order will be ready for pickup, you can schedule the message for 1-2 or more hours before the order is ready for pick up so your patients will know when to approach the store. (The message will be sent after you change the order status to Confirmed/Scheduled)

  • Schedule Messages: You can send a broadcast immediately or your can schedule it out to any day and time. Note that the calendar is by default in the Eastern Time Zone.

Media files (types and sizes) able to be sent via text message:


  • The total combined message size (message and attachments) must be under 5MB in size.

  • All of your audience’s service carriers accept the following file types: -jpg -png -gif. Only some will accept -pdf. Guru will still send the -pdf, but cannot guarantee 100% delivery.

  • Images should be 640w x 1,138h pixels , with an aspect ratio of 9:16. “Portrait” is always recommended since the image will adjust to how the viewer sees it on their phone.

  • Files such as PDF will be accepted, but note that some carriers don’t support -pdf via text message, this may result in your message not reaching its destination.

  • For animated GIFs, we recommend the following sizes.

    • 480 pixels wide X 720 pixels high

    • 480 pixels wide X 640 pixels high

    • 640 pixels wide X 640 pixels high

    • 480 pixels wide X 480 pixels high

Keeping up with compliance:


  • Be sure to educate your contacts about your broadcast messages, so they can choose to opt in or opt out. Let them know they can reply “STOP” to opt out.

  • If you want to include this in a text while saving on character count, you can add "txtSTOP2end" to the end.

  • We can provide you with a report of all those who’ve unsubscribed recently. The system will automatically unsubscribe them for you if they reply STOP, don’t worry. 

  • They can reply “START” to resubscribe, or “HELP” to read the “START/STOP” instructions themselves.

  • If your contacts unsubscribe from your message broadcast, all following messages will be considered a failed message to that number, this will not affect your message count.

  • You are able to customize and launch your own sign-up page for use in store or at patient fairs. You can launch the Sign Up page via the “Launch Contact Sign Up Page” button in the top right of your ‘Contacts’ page. You can customize this sign up page by going to the settings menu on the top right of your screen.