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Frequently asked questions


Is Guru Systems Integrated with any major Seed 2 Sale providers?

Yes we are currently integrated with BioTrackTHC"s State tracking systems and are completing integration with MJ Freeway and METRC. We're dedicating part of our development team to only focus on integrations, so let us know what you got and we'll make it happen!

In what States can Guru Systems be used?

Guru is completely State and License-type agnostic, meaning you can use Guru in any market or with any business type (dispensary, cultivator, manufacturer, transporter, etc). We keep it simple, automated, and scalable so you can take us with you wherever you go.

How safe is my data with Guru Systems?

Our founders used to be government contractors with BioTrackTHC. Providing secure databases is something they know a lot about. Guru Systems always uses the industry best standard for security and disaster recovery. We use redundant services including Amazon's AWS to make sure your data is safe and accessible to only yourself and users you allow. Your contacts and other data is safe and encrypted and only accessible through your authentication. If you ever leave Guru, sad as we will be, we will provide you an export of your data and then delete anything remaining from our platform. You own your data, no one else.

Does Guru do monthly subscription or contracts?

Here at Guru we like to earn your business every month. We don't lock you in to any contracts so you're free to come and go as you please. It keeps us honest and helps with transparency. You can expect a super quick and simple startup process and month to month membership.

How can I change or update my password?

Click on your user name > Edit my profile > Update password (bottom of the screen). We want to keep your information secured, for that we will ask for the current password before allowing a new one to be set.

I can't remember my password, what do I do?

On the login page click the "Forgot Password" button, an email will be sent with a new temporary password.

Can I have multiple users on my account?

Yes, your account can have multiple users with different permissions in case you don't want all your employees with complete access to the platform.

Menu Guru

Can I publish the menu on our website?

Yes your menu will launch as a web page. You can embed this web-page on your site using HTML or the URL itself, depending on your webpage host. Speak with your site's webmaster to be sure which option would work best for you.

Can I advertise on the menu?

You are able to add your own banner graphics to the top of the menu for whatever promotions you are running at the time.

Do my dispensary customers need to download an application to view the menu and place orders?

No they do not! You want it to be easy for your customers to place orders, and so do we. There's no burden on your customers, they simply go to your site, pick the items you want, fill out the brief information so you know who they are, and the order is in!

Can I receive a notification once an online order has been placed?

For sure! You'll get notifications to any email(s) you assign, you'll see them in your dashboard, and you'll get push notificiations inside of the platform.

Can I list non-cannabis Inventory on my menu?

Yes. Along with seed to sale integrations, we also offer you some pretty easy spreadsheet upload options. This way you can list any products you want, whether they're medicated or not. You can even choose to enter products that you wont be keeping an inventory of.

My inventory is not updating, how can I know why?

You can check if the connection is working before a synchronization is completed, to do this go to Menu Guru > Inventory > Check Connection. After you click on this last button the system will indicate if the connection failed and why.

How can access the menu as a customer?

Go to Menu Guru > Inventory > Click on the location name > Inventory Menu (button on the right hand side).

Why do I have a "Live Menu" room?

To keep a better track of all the products that are displayed on your menu we implemented the "Live Menu" room, through it you'll be able to edit your products and have easy access to enable or disable visibility at any time.

Where can I add prices by weight to my products?

On your inventory list, mark the item you wish to edit by clicking on the check box and then the "Edit Selected Products" button. From there you can assign the list of prices you need.

Chatter Guru

Can I send a link with the SMS/MMS broadcast?

Yes you can. We make it easy so people can click through your message straight to your online menu or any other link you want to drive them too. We recommend using bit.ly or another URL shortener to make your links fit a little nicer.

Can I send an image with the SMS/MMS broadcast?

Yup, you sure can. Feel free to send an image, a GIF, or even a short video/audio clip.

Can I filter/group the SMS/MMS broadcast to specific customers/patients?

Yes, we make it easy to send your messaging to any group or individual. You can easily set up customer groups to segment your audience however you see best fit. You can send a message to your entire audience, a specific group, or a single individual. You pick what works best for the occasion, that way you can be sure to send the right message at the right time.

Can I send a text message to an individual instead of a broadcast group?

Yes you can choose between sending a group broadcast or a one-off message to an individual. That way you can even carry on a conversation if you'd like.

Can I easily import my contacts, either all at once or at various times?

Yes, we make it very easy to upload you contacts and to edit them in batches of any size. Our whole deal is to take the work off of your hands. We can even help you with the uploads to make it easier. Plus, if you upload another spreadsheet with a contact that already exists, our system will recognize that and let you update the existing contact instead of creating a duplicate. This way you can easily keep your lists up to date.

Is there a daily/monthly limit for sending SMS/MMS?

No dialy limit. You can sign up for any monthly package size you want. We provide flat fee access to SMS Chatter features to keep things simple and transparent for you. You can also choose to pay as you go but the packages we offer will be a more economic option for you. They're based on the monthly SMS quantity you need. You can always opt for a larger plan or request a one off expansion if it'll only be for the month.

How long does it take for the SMS/MMS message to be delivered?

You can send a message immediately, or schedule it to send on a specific date or on individuals' anniversary or birthdate. For larger broadcasts, the platform may space out the outgoing messages into smaller batches a few minutes apart to avoid any telephone carriers mistaking you for spam.

How many contacts can I send the SMS/MMS messages to at once?

As many as you want!

Can customers reply to my SMS/MMS messages?

Yes your customer can reply to your messaging. You will know of any replies that come in and be able to handle them accordingly. You can always let your customers know that the mobile number you're sending messages from is not being monitored if you'd like to not worry about it.

Will I pay for incoming replies to my outgoing SMS/MMS messages?

The platform will treat incoming and outgoing SMS the same way. For the telephone carriers, and SMS is an SMS so we have to count them the same way.

Can I easily cusomtize the SMS/MMS messages I want to send?

You can customize just about anything with Guru, it's what we hang out hat on - SMS/MMS messages included. Get creative, get weird, make us proud!

Do I get my own phone number for outgoing SMS/MMS broadcasts?

Yes we will provide you with your very own Chatter number which you customers will come to know as your own. We'll consult with you to pick the right area code or 800 number as well.

Am I paying for the failed messages on my account?

Guru will review the complete list of messages and will only process those that are delivered, the failed messages are not taken from your message count.

If I add an image to my message, will it be taken as two messages?

As long as your message is below the character limit and your image no larger than 5MB it will count as one message per contact.

I ran out of messages, can I do a one time purchase of messages?

Yes, you can request more messages at all times. If you are also looking to upgrade your package, we will assist you with mid-cycle changes for your convenience and prorate your bill.

Will the order notification SMS be using my message count?

Yes, each message that goes out will be taken from the message count.

Can I cancel or edit a schedule message?

Yes, you can make updates or delete a schedule message, as long as it's still scheduled. Once it's process we won't be able to complete any changes or cancellations.

Where can I see how many messages I have sent and to whom?

You can access your message history on Chatter Guru > SMS Manager > Messages History.

How can I assign a contact to a group or multiple groups?

You can edit multiple contacts by marking the checkbox and clicking on the "Edit Selected Contacts" button and select the group(s) you with to assign them to. You can also upload a list of contacts with the group name already assigned within the spreadsheet.

Loyalty Guru

What is the user ID and password a customer needs to login the Loyalty platform?

The user name is the patient ID and their password will be their name as listed on the orders. It is important not to add any spaces between words, field is cap sensitive.

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