How to Batch Upload Contacts for Chatter Guru


1. Log into GuruSystems Platform

2. Go to Chatter Guru module on the left-hand side of the page menu and open the dropdown.

3. Click on Contact Manager

4. Click on Contacts


5. Click on the plus sign to open the Import Contacts feature


6. Download the Contacts Upload Template


7. Open the spreadsheet and add all contacts

         1. Enter the Last Name of the contact

         2. Enter the First Name of the contact

         3. Enter the Phone number (Ensure that the phone number has no special characters, spaces and                   that it has the number one (1) before the area code.

         4. Enter the Group Name

         5. Enter Special Date (Ensure is on the specified format)

         6. Enter Email address

         7. Enter City

         8. Enter State


  8. Save the file on your computer.

  9. Go back to GuruSystems Platform and Upload the contacts you have just created.

10. The Process Queue below the Import Contacts feature will indicate the success of the upload.