Setting up your

Loyalty Program

With Guru Systems you have an easy to implement loyalty tool where you can create your campaigns, add prizes and create a rewards menu.


The first thing is to login to the platform. Once you do we will get your Rewards Page setup.

(1)Click on your user name (top right corner) > (2)Settings > (3)Rewards Page Settings.


The next screen you see will be divided into two sections:

  1. Loyalty landing page: Here you’ll be able to add a background and logo for the login and rewards page.

  2. Instructions: You can take the instructions in this section to embed your rewards page to a section of your website.


Next step will be creating your campaigns.

This will be the activities or purchases your patients will need to complete to earn points.

Loyalty Guru > Campaigns


The Campaign Manager will be divided into three sections:

1. Dollar to Point Ratio (All Customers/Sales): as the title indicates, this is a general setting to all customers and all sales activity.

         I. Value will determine how many points is your patient earning for each dollar ($1) the spend.
        II. Value will determine how many dollars are you rewarding your patient per point they accrue.
       III. This will determine how long will the points be valid for, or until which point will the points expire.


2. New Campaign: You will be able to create as many campaigns as you want and make them as specific as you need.

         I. Campaign Name
        II. Description
       III. If you want to add value to a specific product or set of products, you can assign the campaign to a                specific Strain, Inventory Type, Custom Category or even by Product Name
       IV. Starts: Date will indicate when will the points start being accrued for this campaign.
        V. Ends: Date will indicate when will points stop being accrued for this campaign.
       VI. Points per $1 Spent: Value will indicate how many points will be given per dollar patients spend.


3. Campaign List: This is where you’ll be able to see and manage your campaign list as needed.


After you campaigns are set you can now start creating your prizes list, this list is the one that will display on the Rewards Page your patients will have access to.

Loyalty Rewards > Customer Rewards


The first thing to do is creating these prizes, they can be as specific as you want them, they can be services, a gift card, discounts, cashbacks, anything you can think of.

When creating the prizes you need to be careful on the information you enter since all this details will be viewed by the patients on the Rewards Page.


         I. Name: name of the reward, how would you like to call it.

        II. Image: you can add images to have a better view on your menu, remember the file types accepted              by the platform are .png or .jpg.

       III. Numbers Limit of Rewards: this value will allow you to disable the prize if it has been redeemed                  the amount of times you specify.

       IV. Instructions: If there is a special method to redeem your prize leave the instructions here, you                      don’t have a limit of characters so you can give all the redeem process specifics.

        V. Type: there are two prize type options -Cash Back or -Perks.

       VI. Price: this value will indicate how many points are required to redeem this prize.

      VII. Expiration Date: it will determine when will the prize expires, this will disable it automatically from              the Rewards Page so your patients won’t see it.


Within this screen you can also see the list of prizes you have, those that are active and the inactive ones as well.


You may be wondering how will you keep track of the points and if you’ll be able to see if your patients are accruing points. We added a section within the Loyalty module where you can view both.

Loyalty Guru > Points and Rewards Reporting.


To add points to your patients we need to keep track of the sales that are coming through, there are two easy ways to complete this, we can synchronize your sales from your POS or upload a spreadsheet with all sales info. 

Note: there is a template you can use as a guide for your upload.


On the points report you’ll find the following information:


  1. Name: patients name.

  2. Total Accrued Points: these are the points earned since the loyalty program started, it is not filtered by date range.

  3. Used Points: if prizes have been redeemed, points used will be located within this column.

  4. Available Points: there are the points that can be used to redeem further prizes.

  5. Expired Points: if the points were not used on time and expire, here’s where you’ll be able to see and keep track of them.