How to reset your password

[For Core BioTrackTHC System Users]



1. Go to your State Tracking System website:

2. Click on Licensee Login and use the “Forgot your password?” feature


3. Follow the steps on the page and reset your password.


        a. Make sure to have the correct State Monitoring System email

        b. Make sure to have the UBI of your location


4. Once you've reset your password, you would need to log into that email account and complete the process by creating a new password.


5. The next step would be to log into your Core BioTrack system and enter the password you have just reset, through Administration > Settings > State Settings.


6. Enter the newly reset password into the password field(1). The click “OK”(2).


7. Once the password is entered, saved and the setting are tested successfully.

You can now log into your GuruSystems platform.

Go to Menu Guru Module(1) > Inventory(2) > Edit this location tool(3).


8. Enter your password in the password field(1) then click Save(2).


9. To test your newly enter password settings are correct and your Guru platform is now ready to sync. Go to the Inventory module then click “Check connection” button.


10. You should receive the following message pop up if the system is successfully synchronized.