Cheat Sheet

Loyalty Guru

Setting up loyalty point campaigns.

  • Your campaigns are how points get earned. You can create “direct campaigns” by strain, inventory type, customer category or as specific as the product name.

  • You can set the rate of points earned per dollar spent on each individual direct campaign or on a universal scale. These can overlap to add on top of eachother so be careful.

  • The universal “Dollar to Point Ratio” is a setting that will affect all customers and all sales, keep in mind that this will be added on top of the direct campaigns you create.

  • The start and end date of your campaign will determine the expiration date of that campaign, it is important to specify that to your customers to avoid confusions.

  • The recommended dimensions for the Rewards Page graphics/images are:

    • Logo image 410 x 156 px.

    • Background image 1024 x 768 px.

(User Name (top right corner) > Settings > Rewards Page Setting)

Creating your customer Rewards.

  • The rewards page can be embedded in your website, and you can upload a background and/or logo to it to customize it. Go to User Name (top right corner) > Settings > Rewards Page Setting.

  • Prizes can be discounts or vouchers and can be used to fit your scenario.

  • The “Price” you assign to your Rewards refers to the points needed to redeem it.

  • Prizes will no longer be visible on the rewards page upon expiration date.

  • Be sure to add details/instructions on how to redeem the prized as well as any disclaimer you see necessary to let your customers know what to expect.

Managing Points and Redeeming Prizes.


  • Your orders can be uploaded through an Excel file (.xls) or integrated from your POS. You can download our template for better results on your upload. Loyalty Guru > Points and Rewards Reporting.

  • Loyalty points cannot be reactivated after they expire nor can they be transferred between users.

  • Prizes can be redeemed on the rewards page, or in-store by a rep, both will have access to select a prize and the points will be automatically discounted.

  • To login to the rewards page, your customers will need a customer ID and password. Your patients Customer ID is their Patient ID, and the password is their Name (no spaces, caps sensitive).