Menu Guru​​​

Setting up the menu basics.

  • Make sure your API Password is always up to date on Guru for a smooth and easy integration with your Seed-to-Sale tracking system. Menu Guru > Inventory > Tools.

  • To populate your menu you need to first create your URL, set the primary for your organization, and then specifically per location. Click on the top right corner (where your user is located) > settings > Menu Settings.

  • You Menu will include two text sections, one will be the title and the second a main text, it can be instructions on how to submit the order, a disclaimer, or any other text you wish to add to it.

  • The URL Logo and URL Home redirection can be any URL you’d like your visitors to connect when clicking those icons (home,logo).

  • Create and sort the product categories that you will display on your live menu. Find this on the Custom Category settings. Click on the top right corner (where your user is located) > settings > Custom Inventory Categories.

  • You can add as many categories you need on your Menu, it can be as specific as you want. These categories can be sorted as you’d like them to display on the menu.

  • Get immediate notifications via email when an online order is submitted. Click on the top right corner (where your user is located) > settings > E-Mail Settings. You can add as many email addresses as you’d like to receive these internal notifications.

Branding and customizing your menu.


  • The recommended dimensions for your menu and banner images are:

    • Menu Background 1024 x 768

    • Menu Logo 200 x 200

    • Menu Banner 1024 x 178 (For now, Menu Banner and Shop Banner are the same image)

    • Shop Banner 1024 x 178 (For now, Menu Banner and Shop Banner are the same image)

    • Shop Logo 200 x 200

  • Remember you can customize the font type and with infinite colors on your menu to match your brand.

  • You are able to display the current available quantity you have for your products, this is optional so you disable it any time.

  • Different tax categories can be added to you menu which will be calculated at the checkout screen to display the final payment amount.

  • Your patient can know whether an order can be delivered or if it needs to be picked up at the checkout screen, some state regulations do not allow delivery, but in case it does we’ve got you covered.

  • Set a default view of your products for your menu, we give you three different options Tile, Grid and List view.

  • Pick up hours or delivery timeframes can be set on the menu so you’ll always give the correct expectation.

  • The checkout form can require as many details as you need from patients, or it can also be more simplistic depending on your business needs.

Preparing your inventory.


  • “Ready” Toggle: this button allows you to get your products ready before you release them on your online menu, by turning it on your product will be automatically added to the “Live Menu” room.

  • Product Name: your product’s details are all integrated, however we give you the option of changing the name of your items in case you wish to display them differently in your menu.

  • Lab Result: these are also integrated, however if you wish to add more details such as terpenes or cannabinoids, you can simply click this button and manage this results.

  • Min Threshold: you can get notified when a product availability is below a specific amount, the threshold will be reviewed each time your inventory is synced and when an order is fulfilled.

  • Custom Category: these categories are the ones previously created within the platform to organize the products on your menu.

  • Copy: this button will assist you with copying the information from one product to another in case you have multiple items with the same data such as price, category, etc.

  • Price: your products can have one preset price, or you can also add a pricing scale by weight to your products (1g, 3.5g, ect) clicking on the item checkbox and then the “Edit Selected Products” button.

  • Recipe: you can keep control of your consumables by assigning recipes to your products. Consumables can be added on Menu Guru > Consumable.

  • Tools: On this button you’ll be able to assign or remove images and PDF files. For any images uploaded (from product thumbnails to menu backgrounds), please keep the file size < 1MB.

  • Setup a default image for your products, a default image will be seen when a specific image of the product was not assigned. You can assign it on your Menu settings (steps listed above)

  • Checkbox: this option will assist you when you want to edit multiple products at the same time. You can assigned category, price, images and PDf files.

Selling your inventory.

  • To get your products on display or to remove them from your Menu, you can switch the “ready” toggle listed above on/off. When on, your products will be moved to the “Live Menu” room.

  • For easy use, we have added a “Global Visibility” Toggle on the Live Menu room, so if you’re certain all products are ready for display, you can simply switch it on.

  • To make sure the products show up on the Menu, there are three requirements, the rest is optional:

  • ‘Ready’ is toggled ON (note the difference between READY and VISIBLE on the availability toggle, see 

  • Product is assigned to a Custom Category

  • Product has a price (or “-” for no price shown).

Keeping up with orders.

  • When an online order is placed, you’ll be notified through an email address and an alert sound within the platform. To access your orders go to Menu Guru > Orders > Menu Orders.

  • Your orders will be divided in active and inactive orders. The active orders are all those that are in process, the inactive orders are those you have fulfilled or rejected.

  • Orders can be edited in bulk or individually, this is to change the status of the order to keep better track of them, you’ll get the option of notifying your buyer of the progress of the order at all times.

  • Within the order details, you’ll be able to attach PDF files which will be sent to the buyer, From this same screen you can generate and auto print an invoice (ask for details).

  • Your order details will include all the information from the items requested and the person who submitted the order. We will also add any coupons redeemed, tax rates and a grand total for the order.