Guru Systems is an all-in-one marketing software designed for the cannabis industry. With text message marketing, online ordering menus, loyalty programs, and much more, Guru's got the tools your business needs to succeed in today's cannabis industry. If that's not enough, you'll enjoy integration with your tracking system and unparalleled customer service.

Chatter Guru

(Text Message Marketing Platform)

Guru Systems provides an all-in-one text message marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties. Our approach to marketing focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and mobile friendly access.

  • Integrated with your POS to automate data entry

  • Use custom segments to organize your audience

  • Send marketing broadcasts to groups of contacts

  • Manage an one-on-one conversation with individuals 

  • Include images, emojis, and multimedia with your text

  • Include mobile friendly links with your message

  • Schedule messages ahead or send them on the fly

  • Create automated birthday or anniversary texts

  • Personalize messages with each contact's name

  • Automated opt-in/opt-outs for easy compliance

  • Customize your own sign up form for use on any device

  • Easily transfer data over for painless SMS on-boarding

  • Web-based and mobile friendly, no installs necessary

  • Encrypted, secure, and redundant so you sleep soundly

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Menu Guru

(Web Menus for Retail or Wholesale Online Orders)

Guru Systems provides a platform for customizable online preordering menus that can be embedded in your website. Guru integrates with your POS or tracking system to eliminate the need for manual entry and gives you the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your menu so it fits your brand.

  • Mobile and desktop friendly for access from anywhere

  • Integrated with your POS to synchronize inventory

  • Integrated with your POS to synchronize lab results

  • Easily add products from sources other than your POS

  • Manage product images, multimedia, and descriptions

  • Manage product availability to avoid inventory issues

  • Quantity thresholds for automated product availability

  • Assign pricing by unit or pricing by weight to products

  • Customize your menu's look and feel to match your brand

  • Change the layout of your menu to match your preference

  • Shoppers can search by brand, strain, type, potency, etc.

  • Easily manage orders from one place, on any device

  • Provide automatic text/email order updates to shoppers

  • Manage order alerts to keep all necessary staff informed

  • Generate and export packing lists for your fulfillment team

  • Easily transfer data over for painless SMS on-boarding

  • Web-based and mobile friendly, no installs necessary

  • Encrypted, secure, and redundant so you sleep soundly

The Guru Difference

(Workflow and features that set us apart)

Guru Systems is designed with input from business owners like you. Our platform is chocked full of unique features and useful workflows tailored for your cannabis business.  Guru is easy to use, easy to scale, and solves many problems at once.

  • Loyalty rewards programs to retain your customers

  • Customer loyalty portal to embed within your website

  • Manage your own rewards for customers to select from 

  • Create your loyalty campaigns with flexible parameters

  • Integrate with POS for automatic loyalty point accruals

  • Manage and track your product inputs with "Recipes"

  • Upload and manage your consumables and supplies

  • Reorder business supplies via the MainStem Marketplace

  • Access to reports and business intelligence on any device

  • Export your data and records for use in other platforms

  • Live Chat customer support for real time help at any time

  • Help Desk access for up to date self-help resources

  • Help Desk support for POS and tracking system questions

  • VIP concierge services for outsourced help with your menu

  • VIP concierge services for outsourced help with your texting

  • Software customization options available upon request

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Guru Systems integrates with your Seed to Sale tracking system so you don’t have to re-enter any data or worry about updating information. We will also consider other integrations upon request. Guru is hosted in a secure, encrypted, redundant, and backed up environment. 

We understand that different cannabis operators will operate differently. So our tools are flexible, and the platform will allow you to use tools separately if you'd like. Guru enables your cannabis business with Text Message Marketing (SMS and MMS), Online Product Menus for Online Orders (mobile friendly, customizable, and embedded in your website), and Loyalty Programs (flexible campaign types and access to a network of 3rd party loyalty rewards).