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Best Cannabis Podcasts

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Podcasts have long been around and rather than losing popularity, they appear to become increasingly ubiquitous. Businesses are rediscovering the benefits of podcasting, because they are a more inexpensive and friendlier way to get a firm or person’s values across to the audience than regular advertising, but other venues, such as news outlets, universities, celebrities, doctors, authors, among others, use podcasts as well.

Among the most popular podcasts are National Public Radio’s (NPR) free podcasts, available online.

The popularity of podcasting as a source of both informal and fact-based information is especially true, as the number of people who get their news on print continues to fall. People can listen to podcasts geared to very specific interests while driving, at the gym, at the workplace, or anyplace else. Podcasts may be listened to by streaming online, on radio, or downloaded to an electronic device. There is a general assumption that podcasts are particularly popular with younger audiences—i.e., millennials—which is not untrue; but the whole truth is that depending upon the topic, podcasts are popular among a vast diversity of groups, spanning age, gender, geography, and ethnicity. Rather than a trend, then, podcasts are probably here to stay as just another outlet for information.

The Cannabis world is one of the fields that seems to be taken advantage of the resurgence of podcasting. PlayerFM gathered the best Cannabis podcasts it could find; the list is updated to July 2018. The range include podcasts on cannabis economy and politics, investing in cannabis, the science of cannabis cultivation, cannabis popular culture, and many others. You can find the current cannabis list by clicking on the following link:

Another listing for the “Top 21 Podcasts to Learn About Cannabis”, which also spans issues from health to business and growing, has been recently published by another website, and can be found by clicking here:

Happy listening, cannabuddies! Till we meet again.

About the Author:

Trudy Mercadal, Ph.D

New Orleans born with a Latina background, I am a writer, social historian & cultural studies researcher with a doctorate in Comparative Studies. My focus on community and popular culture. Main interests are the ways in which people express identity through arts—such as music, graffiti, and magazines—and their consuming practices, that is, the what (and how) they buy, ingest, eat, and wear. In my personal life, I am a dedicated urban mini-farmer and, also, a certified cheesemaker who makes a truly kick-ass grilled cheese sandwich.