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Calling all Budtenders

SPARC Dispensary, San Francisco, CA

The headlines are all over the place with some version of the same news: The Cannabis industry needs more budtenders. As more and more states legalize marijuana for medical or recreation purposes, the marijuana products market keeps expanding and in dire need of qualified individuals who seek to make budtending a career or use it as a stepping stone to higher positions in the industry. Below there is a pretty good short video produced by The Oregonian in 2015, whose content is still current except for the fact that Cannabis is now legal in more states. In fact, while Cannabis business owners in this video express a great need for serious budtenders, this is an even more pressing situation in 2018. Note the wide range of backgrounds of aspiring budtenders!

If you are thinking of working as a budtender or hiring budtenders, watch this video and read my previous blog posts, which I think you will find most helpful. Ta-da for now!

Video: "What does it take to be a budtender?" 

The Oregonian (2015):

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