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Marketing Tools for Compliant Operations

A guide for using marketing tools to keep your operations efficient and compliant.

Digital marketing tools can help your sales in a lot of ways. What most often gets overlooked, however, is just how much those same tools can streamline your operations. From SMS marketing, to online ordering, and loyalty rewards programs, digital marketing tools will keep your business humming along efficiently. We’ve got a few examples to give you ideas.

Control Weekly Traffic

Text message marketing is a great way to gain better control over your operations by influencing the daily flow of traffic. Smooth out your busy hours and get people in when it’s slowest.

Daily Deals

Consider offering deals based on the day of the week. Set up an SMS marketing campaign with 6-7 broadcasts. Include graphics whenever possible. You can create high quality graphics for free using tools like With tools like Guru Systems, you can include graphics and schedule broadcasts ahead of time so you can set it and forget it.

The first post will be a listing of all the daily deals of the week. You’ll broadcast this one to everyone on a Sunday or Monday. Then you’ll create a post for each day. So you’ll have one for your Manic Mondays and another for Waxy Wednesdays. These you’ll broadcast it to only that demographic of your audience on the morning of that particular day. Re-broadcast the same initial “summary listing” somewhere throughout the middle of the week.

Flash Sales

Flash sales are a handy promo to keep up your sleeve. Hook yourself up with a dashboard or an easy way to see your sales for the day across each of your locations. Based on your specific operations needs you can offer flash sales from “now until close”. If the daily special of the week failed to trigger the desired traffic today, just fire off an on-the-fly broadcast. With above 90% open rates, you’ll be rewarded as long as your messaging is relevant and welcome.

Seasonal Hours

You cover a lot of bases when you use a regularly scheduled campaign to drive steady daily traffic, and insert Flash Sales to make up the gaps. You can cover even more with a good strategy for communicating change, like seasonal hours and time sensitive notices. Text messaging is a great channel for this type of engagement. It’s the most efficient way of ensuring patrons know what to expect and what to bring with them when they visit your dispensary.

Avoid Lines

Online Menus are a great tool for avoiding crowds. Although it may seem like a blessing to have a busy store, it’s an efficiency and a compliance challenge to deal with lines and loiterers.

Express Pick-up

One of the best ways to avoid lines is to prevent them from starting in the first place. The most efficient and compliant dispensaries tend to offer some form of online menu or pre-ordering option in order to provide an express pickup experience. Pair this option with a strong text message marketing game and you’ll streamline traffic even on the busiest of days.

Inform the Regulars

Most people say they’d rather communicate with a business via text. Take advantage and use this most effective channel to engage and guide your customers through their purchase cycle. New Products and Promos are a great thing to broadcast, but you can also automate messaging based on online orders, keeping customers informed of their order status and giving them relevant offers along the way. This will give you more power to plan your traffic.

In Store Tablets

Don’t sweat if you weren’t able to avoid lines from forming - remember a busy store is a blessing. Be aware though that it can sneakily cause compliance issues that your inspectors won’t be as pleased about. You’ll want to get the line under control before too long. With tools like Guru Systems, anyone can access your menu on any device, so you can easily have tables circulating the waiting area allowing people to build their order ahead of time.

Engage In Store

Cannabis purchases can take a little longer and you don’t want waiting customers to lose patience. Plan the in-store experience to keep people engaged and even shopping ahead.

Product Menus

Digital signage inside the dispensary is a great way to guide purchases, it’s also great for keeping waiting customers engaged. If you run a dispensary that prides itself on offering variety, a digital menu is something all of your customers will secretly thank you for. If you’re on a budget, you can easily create a menu yourself for free, it will just take a time commitment to create and constantly update. Alternatively, there are plenty of budget friendly platforms out there that will a professional looking and easy to automate solution for in store menus.

Digital Sign Ups

A great way to keep waiting patrons engaged is to keep them busy. Offer them a questionnaire to complete or at least a sign up form to your loyalty program or promo newsletter. It’ll also get you a lot of great insight into your customers preferences and habits if you set it up right!

Digital marketing tools can help keep your operations efficient and compliant. It’s a great tool to keep up with the SOPs you put on your application for an operating license, and it’s a great tool to insert in future applications to show you’re thinking ahead.

From SMS marketing, to online ordering, and loyalty rewards programs, digital marketing tools will keep your business humming along efficiently. The great thing is that you’ve got plenty of choices to pick from, so you don’t have to settle. Go for the software platform that fits your needs best. Give us a holler if you’d like to learn more or sign up for a live demo.

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