SMS Marketing for Cannabis Freelancers

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Being a freelance professional is often a sign that you’re doing something you’re passionate about. That’s because being a freelancer isn’t for the faint of heart. What you’re doing has to be a labor of love, otherwise it’s not going to cut it in today’s cannabis space.

We’ve met countless professionals who do phenomenal work but struggle to find and retain the right clients. There may be a few factors leading into this, but more often than not it comes down to the marketing and outreach strategies being implemented (or lack thereof!). To be clear, marketing and outreach is a vital part of sustaining your existing business relationships, not just finding new clients.

At the heart of a winning strategy is a rock solid communications plan. This is comprised of a structured approach using various complementary communication channels. Your clients are all different and will appreciate you interacting with them in the way they most prefer. I’m sure this stands out as something obvious, but what you might’ve missed is the fact that the landscape has changed recently. Phone calls, email lists, and social media are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Now this isn’t me saying that those methods are dead, because they’re not. You certainly need to keep incorporating those channels in your communications. But what you probably haven’t begun implementing is text message marketing. Odds are people are answering your cold calls even less than before. You’re probably staring at your email reports asking why more people aren’t opening and clicking. Maybe you’ve got the social media game down but aren’t seeing anywhere near the ROI you’d like. If any of these are true for you, odds are you’ll love what you get from text message marketing and similar mobile marketing strategies.

Marketing professionals are pleased if they get a 20% open rate and 1-2% click rate on their email campaigns. They’re satisfied with similar rates on their cold calls. Swimming upstream in an exhausting current of “No’s” and lack of replies is soul sucking and frankly may not even be worth it for low success rates.

No matter how good or bad your text message game is, you can rely on getting a 95% open rate each time, and at the very least a 5-10% reply rate (often times it’s going to be much, much higher than that). At those levels, how can you pass up the incredible ROI you’ll find with SMS marketing?

Most consumers state that they’d rather communicate with a business via text, and the same will apply to your freelance business. Don’t fight it, just give the people what they want!

Whether it’s informing your audience of your newest services with an image or price list, or whether its conducting direct outreach to schedule appointments and share a link to your calendar, text message marketing is second to none in today’s society. It’s the easiest way to get in front of your prospects, and it’s among the easiest tools for them to opt out of so you don’t have to worry about spamming people (assuming you’re using a platform like Guru Systems that gives you easy opt-out features built in).

Guru Systems has all kinds of tools to help you manage text message campaigns of all sorts, with a versatile scheduling calendar and the ability to include multimedia. Here’s something to consider though. Guru’s got tools built for e-commerce that you can easily apply to your freelance business, even if you don’t do e-commerce. Why not offer an “online menu” of your services so people can book directly from your site, your social profile, or your SMS campaign? Moreover, why not set up a loyalty program and offer your own client portal where they can pick from loyalty rewards? Talk about a boss move!

Here at Guru we do a lot more than just provide the best mobile marketing platform in the industry. We’ll also work with you to craft a winning mobile marketing strategy (and provide content generation and graphic design services as well). That’ll set you apart in a sea of freelancers. You can stand out from the pack by being one of the only professionals communicating with your prospects with SMS marketing and offering your clients your own custom loyalty program.

Let’s talk about the different problems text message marketing will solve for you. Hit us up so we can go over some winning strategies that you can implement in your business today!

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