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Pitfalls to Avoid in Cannabis SMS Marketing

With restrictions on marketing cannabis still in place, and text message marketing becoming a widely accepted - and appreciated - way to connect with customers, having an SMS platform to market your business is more critical than ever.

If you are not using text messages as part of your sales strategy, it’s time to change that. Here are five mistakes to look out for when shopping for a platform to use.

1. Don’t Be A Poser.

Cheaper and easier is not always better. Don’t be tempted by platforms with that use workarounds to genuine texting with little knowledge of complying with the rules. Text message marketing comes with its own set of nuances. For example, the first text a customer receives must confirm opt-in, there are stipulations about what you can include in the message, and you must provide an opt-out option. Choosing a platform that utilizes a workaround comes with a high-risk of compliance issues.

Deliverability is another concern. Your customers need to actually receive your text, or you're setting your strategy up for failure. If your messages don’t meet each carrier's specifications, your message will not be delivered, you may receive a fine, and the carrier could block your business from sending messages altogether. Going the SMS workaround route means you’ll need to know the specific phone carrier for each customer, wasting precious time in extra data entry, not to mention potentially annoying your clients with unnecessary questions.

Check how it is that your vendor is providing SMS/MMS services, whether genuine or workaround. Guru Systems’ text message marketing platform is 100% the real deal, ensuring your messages reach your customers, and your company is following best practices for real, meaningful engagement.

2. Don’t Be Dull.

After compliance comes content. Your messages need to grab your customers attention or they won’t deliver the intended impact. Messages rich with media like images or audio/video are much more effective than plain text. Especially for customers on the move who expect to be able to glance at a message and get the idea or will otherwise keep scrolling..

Not all platforms have the capability to include multimedia, but Guru does. From rich images and GIFs to emojis and mobile friendly trackable links, your message won't go unheard.

3. Don’t Be Complicated.

A messaging platform should not create more work for you. Guru's platform will integrate with your POS/CRM, creating personalization, and saving you from hours of data entry. For example, orders placed on a Guru menu will automatically generate a prebuilt sale in MJ Freeway for the budtender to close out. And contacts synced from BioTrack will automatically filter into segments/target audience by city. You can’t beat that level of integration.

Not to mention automatic messaging for things like customer birthday, holidays, and online order updates that give you peace of mind knowing the right messages are going out at the right time.

4. Don’t Be One and Done.

You want to choose a company that will be there to help when you need it. Chances are, at some point, you will need basic technical support. Will there be a team available to answer questions at that critical moment when you need them answered?

Furthermore, marketing of any kind – and especially text message marketing – is an art. Small business owners often don’t have the time or resources to develop a marketing strategy specific to their changing customer needs and market landscape. Guru offers a team of professionals to help with your overall marketing plan, as well as live chat customer support for real-time assistance at any time.

5. Don’t Fall For It.

And finally, who owns the company? Is it a team of individuals who, like you, are passionate about the benefits of cannabis? Or is it someone merely looking to take advantage of the growth of the industry? Or even worse, don’t run the risk of giving your valuable customer data to a company that is actually owned by your competitors. One of the benefits of running your own cannabis operation is that you get to choose who you do business with. Make the wise choice and pick a partner you can grow with.