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There are dozens of glossy marijuana lifestyle and culture publications out there, print and online, local and national. You’ve probably already read about Mary, Gossamer, and others, all of which we shall look at in due time. But one that focuses on women ages 25-to-40 is a rare find: Broccoli. Mind you, it’s not that a guy wouldn’t find anything of interest to read in the magazine. In fact, Broccoli’s content is of general interest to all things weed and covers an ample spectrum. Still, the angle, you could say, is geared towards women, aimed at engaging an intelligent and creative female readership. The way their online masthead explains it is: Broccoli is an international magazine created by and for women who love cannabis”.

For those in the know, Broccoli is slang for marijuana, a term that also overlaps with the foodie culture that has evolved parallel to the cannabis lifestyle trend (see my post on foodie culture and cannabis). The editor of Broccoli is Claire Evans, a writer and musician who used to edit Kinfolk, one of those beautiful Scandinavian lifestyle magazines that are like porn for the mind; you know, beautiful lighting, gardens, Paris, people with glossy black hair and flaming red hair. Stark fashions. Full disclosure here: I am a sucker for beautiful Scandinavian magazines, such as Acne Paper, which I try to get my hands on whenever possible. One of the most interesting and gorgeous magazines everrrrr.

Anyway, back to Broccoli. Following the gorgeousness factor of the above-mentioned mags, Broccoli offers lovely spreads of aesthetic fare such as weed-based ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) in its first edition. However, Issue No. 1–which, by the way, is already sold out—also includes serious fare, such as “Is legalization sweetening the drug deal?”, dispensary reviews, and cannabis alternatives to conventional medicine. Furthermore, it features profiles of interesting creative people who just happen to love weed, from dispensary owners to artists as well as cannabis alternatives to conventional medicine.

Issue No. 2 features articles a profile of Mennlay, “A grower-turned-creative-writer” and something for the ubiquitous cat people: “an elusive peek into the world’s first dispensary for cats”. I am looking forward to reading its interview with Donisha Pendergast, granddaughter of Rita and Bob Marley. Because yes, reader, I subscribed. As I looked at their website, where you can peruse the magazine for free at your convenience, I realized I just had to get a print copy.

The distribution of the magazine is free, but you all have to go get it at their points of distribution or check it out online. Otherwise, it ships internationally for a yearly international subscription costs $26.40, which basically covers shipping. If you want a single issue, you can get it for the cost of shipping, which within the US is of $8. Find it at and they also have an Intagram feed, broccoli_mag, with close to 30K followers.

About the Author:

Trudy Mercadal, Ph.D

New Orleans born with a Latina background, I am a writer, social historian & cultural studies researcher with a doctorate in Comparative Studies. My focus on community and popular culture. Main interests are the ways in which people express identity through arts—such as music, graffiti, and magazines—and their consuming practices, that is, the what (and how) they buy, ingest, eat, and wear. In my personal life, I am a dedicated urban mini-farmer and, also, a certified cheesemaker who makes a truly kick-ass grilled cheese sandwich.

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