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Top Five 420 SMS Marketing Ideas

So what should we text our customers?

Text message marketing is a great way to engage with your target audience. People have warmed up to receiving texts from companies over the last few years, and the ability to reach them on a device they always look at is priceless.

The challenge that many dispensaries are running into is that they aren’t sure how to best use this new channel to deliver a solid ROI and meet their goals.

FYI (SMS = short message service) (MMS = multimedia messaging service)

Here are a few ideas for SMS/MMS marketing that you can implement today:

1. Share Daily or Weekly Specials

Texting is great for sharing product specials. You can share a "Daily Deal" each morning, or "This Week's Specials" each Sunday. Try using an image to save on characters. is a great (free) image editing tool for non-techies.

2. Share Your Online Menu

Now a days it seems like every one's got a menu on their site and are taking online orders. Sharing a link to your menu along with a brief update is a great way to stay engaged with your tribe and shorten the time between repeat purchases. Visit us if you'd like to learn more ( 

3. In-Store Deals and Flash Discounts

Texting can be a great tool if you're looking to get more people in the store. Send out offer codes that can only be redeemed by showing the text, or keep them interested with flash discounts - "catch 'em before it's too late!" 

4. Order and Delivery Confirmations

You can implement a drip campaign to deepen your relationship with your followers. This means communicating with them though out the life cycle. Send them text updates to confirm their order, or to send them a "thank you" coupon after a purchase. For loyalty programs, texting is your secret weapon.

5. Cross Promote Your Social Campaigns 

Texting is also a great way to save money and get a better overall ROI from your marketing campaigns. Not only is texting your most cost efficient marketing channel, with open rates of over 90% - but it can have exponential effects when used to cross promote ("repost") your social and email marketing. 

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