Membership Plans

Chatter Guru


15% discount for annual plans

Text Message Marketing

Campaign Editor/Scheduler

10,000 Messages Included

Unlimited Locations

Menu Guru


15% discount for annual plans

Online Ordering Menus

Customizable and Embedded

Sync'd Product Management

5 Location Bundle

Loyalty Guru


Currently in Beta Version

Custom Loyalty Rewards

Embed-able Customer Portal

Unlimited Locations

*Free access to Beta version.

Chatter or Menu required.

15% discount for annual plans

Additional Services

Yogi's Concierge Services

$350/mo per 5 locations. (5 Location Bundle)

Premium marketing campaign implementation support. 

- Support with menu graphics and product images

- Support with online menu product data upkeep

- Support with online order management

- Customized support with Text Message Campaigns

- Database management and cleanliness support

- Managed platform services (ask for more detail)

Independent Blog Writers and Graphics Professionals Available for Hire


Prepaid Monthly SMS/MMS Pricing

Note: access to Chatter Guru already includes 10,000 SMS/MMS. Plans do not automatically include monthly rollover for any remaining SMS/MMS. See usage rates for more detail.

SMS Quantity Upgrades

150,000 +

Rate per Additional SMS

$0.0250 per message
$0.0200 per message
$0.0195 per message
$0.0190 per message
$0.0185 per message
$0.0180 per message

Extra for Intnl + LatAm Service

$0.0070 per message
$0.0065 per message
$0.0060 per message
$0.0055 per message
$0.0050 per message
$0.0045 per message

Pay as you go SMS/MMS Pricing

Note: This is the applicable messaging rate if Prepaid Packs are not selected. This can be bundled into any package in order to have a monthly base of prepaid messages with the ability to go beyond.

Rate per Additional SMS

$0.0300 per message


Online Ordering Menus - Location Bundles

Note: Access to Menu Guru is provided in bundles of 5 locations each. Pricing shown is for a single bundle of 5 locations. Ask us about Enterprise Level pricing.

Rate per 5 Location Bundle


Rate per Single Location


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